Love finding new calves!

Calving is in full swing at our place. The second group of AI’d cows just hit their due date yesterday. We hit 80% AI rate on our first group of cows. So they bred really well last summer! We breed during a flush of high quality green grass in early summer. This helps the cows get pregnant with such high quality food. We match our breeding dates with how the quality of the grass is. If we wait any longer the cows would be on a negative plane of nutrition because the grass begins to loose its ‘umph.’

Troy just got back from his night check and they are doing well.

I found this little guy while I was riding through the calving pasture. Mom and baby are doing great!



About Husker Cowgirl

I am a regional sales manager for Turnkey Computer Systems feedyard accounting software and an avid Husker fan. I am passionate about agriculture and especially beef cattle. I enjoy ranching the old fashioned way - using horses. I also enjoy taking my horses to town and competing with them at local, state and national events on the weekends.
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2 Responses to Love finding new calves!

  1. Lorna says:

    I’m guessing they calve outside then and suckle their mum? We’re dairy and we house during the winter so they are moved into a calving house and then into another pen for calving.

  2. Seasonsgirl says:

    Looks like another good calf 🙂

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