About Me

As the gap between consumers and agriculture widens, consumers have questions about how BEEF is raised.  Farmers and ranchers can bridge that gap by answering questions and telling OUR personal story.  I have a passion for agriculture and beef cattle.  I enjoy sharing that story with others who aren’t involved in agriculture, along with those who are.

I started this blog after my friend, Anela, suggested this site to me last fall.  Her and her husband are an inspiration to me.  I am very grateful to have them in our lives.  I didn’t believe I would have time for a blog, so I kept putting it off.  I decided blogging is something I really wanted to try, so I am making time for it.

I wasn’t born into a farming or ranching family. I grew up north of Omaha on an acreage with my parents and younger brother, Devin.  My parents both worked in Omaha.   I began riding horses at a very early age.  God blessed me with horse riding talents, and I didn’t let those talents go to waste.  I competed on the local, state and national levels.

Yes I grew up a generation removed from agriculture, meaning my parents weren’t involved with agriculture.  My mom grew up on a livestock and row crop farm in western Iowa, but my dad is a complete city boy, growing up in Lincoln. According to the USDA, the average American is 3 generations removed from agriculture. And my immediate family is a good statistic!

Enjoying a break at a neighbors branding with our friends Kayvon and Anela

I have always had a passion for agriculture and the outdoors.  It came from my mom.  She is a country girl at heart and has taught me a lot about horses and their care.  I was lucky to have parents that supported me and my horse endeavors.

My horse riding talents landed me a scholarship on the Oklahoma State University varsity equestrian team after high school graduation.  I knew I wanted to be involved in agriculture and settled on majors in animal science and agricultural communications.

I love the ranching lifestyle. There are many ups and downs, but with each peak and valley, a new life lesson is learned.  Farmers and ranchers work sunup to sundown.  I help when I can, but having a career limits most of my helping him to evenings and the weekends.  Most of my “vacation” days are spent working with the cows and calves!

Brands heating up; photo courtesy of Tana Baker

Rummy and I competing at the Nebraska Quarter Horse Assn Cornhusker Classic Horse Show in working cow horse

I am also an active 4H leader. I enjoy helping youth develop life skills with their horses and livestock.  It’s very rewarding when they reach a goal of winning a ribbon or trophy at the county fair and seeing their smile as they walk out of the show ring!

My hobbies include riding and showing my horses, taking pictures, hunting, fishing, taking care of our cows and of course Husker football!

Go Big Red! A perfect fall afternoon to enjoy the Huskers at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln

I am an active member of Nebraska Cattlemen, National Cattlemens Beef Association, American Quarter Horse Association and United Horsemen.  You can also find me on Facebook and follow Husker Cowgirl on Twitter.

Welcome to my blog!  Enjoy my thoughts on agriculture, sharing my stories about ranch life and also my pictures.

Rummy and I dragging calves last year at a neighbors branding; Photo courtesy of Tana Baker


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  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    I nominated you for the illuminating blogger award… you can see it at http://seasonsgirl.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/illuminating-blogger-award/.

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