The Chicago Experience

The Chicago experience was truly a power packed 24 hours that we will never forget. We arrived at Chicago Midway airport early Sunday evening. After a group supper downtown Chicago, we went to the Signature Lounge, which was on the 96th floor of the John Hancock building. What an amazing view over Chicago and Lake Michigan. Marvin, our fearless leader, then lead us to “the end of the world as he knows it!” Which basically meant hanging out with the Chicago natives Sunday evening!

Plane ride to Chicago with Patrick from Florida and Desi from Nevada

Desi and I in the signature lounge on the top of the Hancock building
Monday morning we loaded the bus to tour the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the Chicago Board of Trade building.

At the CME trading room!
The trip wouldn’t be complete without some sort of big stress event! Shortly after we left the hotel on our way downtown, the bus broke down. We were stuck on a busy street for about 70 minutes until another bus could come rescue us. What an event!

James’ broken down bus!

It was great that the CME could accommodate us in their busy schedule when we were late!



I have always wanted to visit the CME and what an amazing experience it was. We were able to be above the trading floor and witness the room. There was so much energy and enthusiasm!

After the CME visit we traveled to OSI Industries in West Chicago. This company makes McDonalds hamburgers. Earlier in the week we visited the feedyard that finishes cattle in feed, then we toured a packing facility and it was prepping us to see further processing of the beef animal. This plant turns 170 million pounds of beef into burgers! That’s a lot of quarter pounders!

It was a very clean and efficiently ran facility.

We then had to rush to the airport. Our group of 61 checked in, went through security and got to the gate as our flight was boarding. It took 25 minutes in the busy Chicago airport! That’s gotta e a record!

Marvin’s expression was priceless when we made our flight!

And then we were off for our week in DC!






About Husker Cowgirl

I am a regional sales manager for Turnkey Computer Systems feedyard accounting software and an avid Husker fan. I am passionate about agriculture and especially beef cattle. I enjoy ranching the old fashioned way - using horses. I also enjoy taking my horses to town and competing with them at local, state and national events on the weekends.
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  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    D.C. you will be close to my part of the country. About a hour or so from us in VA. I hope you have fun… it seems it has been a fun and educational trip so far 🙂

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