Day 2-Greeley tour and Rockies game

Day two of YCC was a fabulous experience. We traveled to Greeley and our first stop was the JBS Beef processing plant. JBS has a major impact in the community of Greeley. The plant employs 3300 workers and processes roughly 5000 beef animals a day. It is a well ran facility – extremely clean and very efficient in what it does.

JBS not only employs a large population but also gives back to the community by supporting the United Way, Boys and Girls Club and also the local food bank.

I can assure you after touring the JBS plant that your beef will continue to be a tasty, wholesome product and most importantly extremely safe. This isn’t the first plant I have toured, as I had the opportunity to tour a Cargill plant a few years ago. These plants have cleanliness and safety as top priorities. Just think-5000 head a day at these large plants. It amazes me how clean and safe these facilities are.


Our next stop was the JBS Kuner feedyard outside of Greeley. This yard is permitted for around 100,000 head. They pens were all full and they currently have 90,000 on feed. They have an annual turnover of 2.1x, so they typically feed over 180,000 in one year! thats alot of BEEF!


JBS has a top priority of making sure the animals are comfortable. They had ample pen space for the animals. The pens were clean, well designed and well drained.

I also noticed that there very very few flies at this yard. Feedyard and flies typically go very well together. But JBS uses biological control for flies. They use predator insects that eat the larvae of the pesky flies. Pretty cool way to control flies!

Steam flaked corn hot off the press! Mmm Corn Flakes!

JBS uses steam flaked corn for energy in the animals ration. By steam flaking corn, this improves the efficiency by 20%. Steam flaking exposes the starch of the corn kernel so it’s more readily available to the animal. That’s 20% less corn they have to purchase to feed their animals!

The steam flaking machines in the feedmill

A big byproduct of a feedyard is of course manure. JBS has been experimenting with Harsh, an agriculture machinery company, to find a way to use manure as energy to fuel the flaking equipment.



The manure cooker!

They have a very large incinerator that cooks the manure to almost a coal like substance. They incinerator cooks 1000lbs of manure at a time at 1450 degrees for 80 minutes. That 1000lbs is reduced to 300lbs when finished cooking. That’s a big reduction of manure!!

They can’t get enough energy out of it to fuel the flakers for very long. So they continue to experiment with it to find a way to make their manure an energy source.

Finished cooked manure!

JBS Feedmill

Getting hay on the conveyor and ready to grind into the cattle ration

Distillers grains used for protein and energy in the ration

Loading a feed delivery truck to feed cattle. The ration is already mixed and ready for the cattle to consume


Our next stop was at Greeley Hat Works. Pretty neat to see the process that felt cowboy hats are made. Trent Johnson, the company’s owner and hatter had the opportunity to make George W Bush a hat when he was in his presidency. Now that’s pretty awesome!

We finished the day with my first MLB game as the Rockies took on the Dodgers at Coors Field. The Rockies lost in the 10th inning but it was a fun evening. We were in the Warning Track suite which is ground level behind right field. Pretty awesome view of the game! The Coors family was in a little room right next to us. What a great bunch of people!

I had an amazing day! We are in Denver today and then after a Safeway tour tomorrow morning, leave for the Chicago experience. Till next time, enjoy your day!

Our view for during the game!


About Husker Cowgirl

I am a regional sales manager for Turnkey Computer Systems feedyard accounting software and an avid Husker fan. I am passionate about agriculture and especially beef cattle. I enjoy ranching the old fashioned way - using horses. I also enjoy taking my horses to town and competing with them at local, state and national events on the weekends.
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  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    What a great adventure you are on 🙂 So many cool things to do.. The baseball game sounds great and the corn flakes idea is such a good one. Hopefully they can figure out how to turn the waste into energy to fuel the equipment.

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