A Little Catching Up!

Wow I havent wrote for awhile – time to get you all caught up on a few things going on in HuskerCowgirl country!

First of all, according to the UNL Drought Monitor, we are still classified in the extreme drought category, although we were lucky enough to see about 12 inches of snow in late December/Early January. It continues to be dry and most of the moisture making weather systems seem to skip around us.

37 Weeks Pregnant and helping load steers!

37 Weeks Pregnant and helping load steers!

I continued riding throughout my pregnancy. At 37 weeks, I helped Troy gather, sort and load steers. I’m lucky to have a surefooted, trustworthy horse that took care of me! I only quit riding because  of the weather and the horses didn’t have snow shoes nailed on yet. Not riding has been hard on this cowgirl!

We sold steers during a blizzard at the Kearney sale barn. We left right after our cattle sold, and lucky for us, we got a good spot in the sale. What normally is an 80 minute drive home turned into a 3 hour drive home due to the heavy falling snow and what seemed like hurricane force wind. Several of our neighbors that sold the same day weren’t able to make it home and spent the night in Kearney. Over 5000 head sold that day and over 4500 spent the night in the yard because the blizzard had trucks grounded.

Moving cows a few days before Zane was born. Glad I had pictup duty because it was a miserably cold and windy day!

Moving cows a few days before Zane was born. Glad I had pickup duty because it was a miserably cold and windy day!

And for those of you that have cattle, what does a weather system spark in a heifer? Yep you guessed it-labor! I was almost certain our little cowkid was going to make an appearance that night. I told Troy several times maybe it would be a good idea to take a detour to Hastings on the way home from Kearney and stay in a hotel. That way we would be close to the hospital!

It’s a good thing he decided to stay put that night because there was no way we could have made it out the driveway, let alone a 45 minute drive to the hospital!

But no cowkid was born that night!

At 41 weeks, we were blessed with a healthy baby boy named Zane Milton. Parenting has definitely been a challenge for a cowgirl and cowboy who didn’t know how to change a diaper when I went in labor!

It’s been a steep learning curve for sure!

Zane's first bull sale.  Felt great to get out and see all our friends!

Zane’s first bull sale. Felt great to get out and see all our friends!

Zane is three and a half weeks as I’m writing this. He is a lot of fun and I look forward to including him in my future blog posts!

Zane's first time in the saddle

Zane’s first time in the saddle


About Husker Cowgirl

I am a regional sales manager for Turnkey Computer Systems feedyard accounting software and an avid Husker fan. I am passionate about agriculture and especially beef cattle. I enjoy ranching the old fashioned way - using horses. I also enjoy taking my horses to town and competing with them at local, state and national events on the weekends.
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5 Responses to A Little Catching Up!

  1. killroanfarm says:

    Great Blog:) looking forward to reading more!

  2. Seasonsgirl says:

    My Mom is from Nebraska and my Grandmotheran Uncle still live there. I grew up on my great-grandparens farm that is now my Uncles in the summer and on vacation. I learned to drive while takeing the truck or tractors out to check on crops or animals with my great-grandfather. I grew to love the farm life. My Grandmother and Uncle keep me up with the happenings in NE an since I married my husband he has become a BIG Husker fan. Looks like your new little guy will be too 🙂

    • Thats awesome! Theres nothing like learning to drive farm equipment at a young afe and learning the resposibility of checking on the animals. I bet you have some fond memories of that time together. And of course my little guy will be a Husker fan 🙂

      • Seasonsgirl says:

        I do have many fond memories and still love to visit the farm even though the governmen has not allowed my uncle to farm etc as he use to. The land is still beautiful and holds those special memories 🙂

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