Whew It’s Been Awhile!

Wow, there have been a few days that have passed since I last posted on my blog.  We have been super busy this summer. But dont worry, I’m still blogging!!! I have some pictures from the summer to share with what we have been doing around here.  After what seems like a long, hot summer (and its not over yet) the weather has finally cooled back down into the 80s for a few days.  This is a welcomed change from the long stretch of upper 90s and 100s that we had in June and July.

There was never a shortage of dust when sorting cattle this summer!

We rotated cows frequently through pastures to manage the grass during the hot, dry weather.

One project for the summer was trenching waterlines through pastures. We crossfenced pastures and to adequately water the cattle, we needed new water tanks for them.

This is an area in a pasture that has been trenched. The pipe now needs to be layed into the trench.

We also installed automatic waterers in the lots around the calving barn. No more chopping ice during the winter for me!

Herbie and Red hanging out. Probably waiting on the grain bucket!

And of course no summer is complete for me without traveling to horse shows almost every weekend. My friend Joni and I proudly displaying our ribbons after a class at a show in June.

Jenna and I taking time between classes at a show in July to pose for the camera! Hanging out with friends is always a part of summer!

And now you are caught up on a little of what went on during Husker Cowgirls summer!


About Husker Cowgirl

I am a regional sales manager for Turnkey Computer Systems feedyard accounting software and an avid Husker fan. I am passionate about agriculture and especially beef cattle. I enjoy ranching the old fashioned way - using horses. I also enjoy taking my horses to town and competing with them at local, state and national events on the weekends.
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2 Responses to Whew It’s Been Awhile!

  1. Tamara Choat says:

    Started following your blog, Megan! Excited to read it!

  2. Nebraska Farm Wife says:

    Glad to see you haven’t been swallowed up by the heat and wind. I would love to say washed away by the rain, but that will be another day (fingers crossed sooner than later)!!!

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