Pedi on a Friday night?

What do I do for fun on a Friday night? I get a pedicure! Well actually I watch my horses get a pedicure. Im fairly certain me and fake nails won’t get along working with livestock!

So for tonight’s post I will give you a little lesson in my husbands ranch horse getting shoes on his feet.


Trimmed up and ready for shoes


Heating up the shoes in the forge. This heats the shoe so my farrier can shape the shoe to fit my horses feet. This is called hot shoeing.


Shaping the hot shoe on the anvil after it comes out of the forge.  This is very precise work so it fits the horse’s foot.




Checking the fit on the horse’s foot.  Notice the smoke coming from the foot as it is placed on the foot.  This doesnt hurt the horse.  But makes sure the shoe fits his foot.


The shoe is fit and now its ready to have nails drove into the foot to hold the shoe on.  This doesnt hurt the horse either.


Dressing the foot.


The finished product!


And of course shoeing horses wouldnt be complete without the dogs gong after the trimmings! They love it!! But they dont get to cuddle at night cause they are rather stinky!


About Husker Cowgirl

I am a regional sales manager for Turnkey Computer Systems feedyard accounting software and an avid Husker fan. I am passionate about agriculture and especially beef cattle. I enjoy ranching the old fashioned way - using horses. I also enjoy taking my horses to town and competing with them at local, state and national events on the weekends.
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2 Responses to Pedi on a Friday night?

  1. ha, not exactly what I had in mind when i clicked over to “pedi”! Great blog you have, Husker Cowgirl!

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